Oxygen: A Cure for All Diseases

Oxygen Is among the most abundant elements found in the crust of the Earth. It’s also the 3rd most commonly occurring element in the world. The greenhouse gas is supposed to constitute over 65 percent of the human body, three quarters of sea water and also about half of sterile soil. These things make it obvious how crucial the air would be to sustaining life around the planet Earth.

There may not be a life in the lack of oxygen. Medical studies have demonstrated that all ailments occur when oxygen levels drop within our own bodies. Dr Otto Warburg, a biochemist and Nobel Prize winner has shown that cancer is due to lack of oxygen in cells. He also avers that cancer cells can’t develop in an oxygen rich atmosphere. He adds that when mobile’s energy has been replaced by fermentation due to absence of oxygen, there opens a doorway which may result in cancer. He furthers his argument asserting that main source of cancer is the replacement of the normal respiration of cells together with the respiration of cells with no oxygen.

Our body uses oxygen to Burn eliminates and food toxins and waste. In reality, the non-metallic gas modulates all parts of the body. Every moment we’re taking in fresh oxygen as our own life is dependent upon it. It’s necessary for energization of cells allowing them. Our brains require oxygen for processing info. In reality, approximately 20 percent of the entire oxygen in our body is utilized by the grey matter. All organs need oxygen to executing their functions easily. All acts like talking, thinking, moving and atmosphere need energy generated by oxygen.

Being highly reactive, oxygen may combine with any component To form compounds that are crucial for building and maintaining our own body. By way of instance, the non-metallic element unites with hydrogen and nitrogen to produce proteins. It combines hydrogen and carbon to create carbohydrates. Also, it combines with hydrogen to make water. All living beings are determined by the highly reactive part for oxidation or burning of food.

There are scientific studies which demonstrate that oxygen Concentration levels in the air are becoming decreased by 0.8 per Cent every fifteen decades. It’s said that the amount of oxygen from the Air has dropped below 20%. In areas Amounts are anticipated to be worse. The depletion is Guaranteed to have Effects on our lives. To Deal with such a Circumstance, we might Need to choose oxygen supplements or elect for oxygen treatment. It’s Substantiated by scientific research which blood deficiency in oxygen is The principal reason for metabolic disorders. Its most Frequent effect is observed in Production of uric acid within the body.

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